when life happens, Mortgage +Plus down payment protection has you covered

Buy your dream home now, and live there with peace of mind. Even if you have to sell for a loss in a down market, up to the full amount of your initial down payment can be reimbursed back to you when all program requirements are met.

This is home buying the way you deserve, and the way it should be.

As a modern homebuyer, you want the freedom and stability of owning a home. You also need the flexibility and mobility to pursue life's adventures, without worrying about the status of the housing market if you need to make a move. 

That's where Mortgage +Plus comes in. With your down payment protected, you can enjoy homeownership on your own terms. 

What is Mortgage +Plus?

Mortgage +Plus down payment protection can protect up to the full amount of your initial down payment, in the event of a loss when you sell in a down market. Here's an example of how it works:

Fast forward to 5 years later when you need to sell your home - but its value is only $280,000, or $20,000 less than you paid. With down payment protection from Mortgage +Plus, you could recoup the $20,000 you normally would have lost.

Let's say you purchase a home today for $300,000 and put 10% down, or $30,000. The bank is protected through PMI insurance for the $270,000 mortgage. However, your hard-earned $30,000 down payment investment is not.



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