A new kind of mortgage for a new kind of homebuyer.

As a modern homebuyer, you seek the freedom and stability of owning a home. You also need the flexibility and mobility to pursue life's adventures, without worrying about the status of the housing market if you need to make a move. 

You expect home prices to go up over time...but what happens to your down payment if they don't?

That's why we created Mortgage +Plus Down Payment Protection. 

Here's how it works: You buy the home of your dreams, along with Mortgage +Plus down payment protection. A few years later, life changes and you need (or want) to make a move. Even if the market is down and you sell at a loss, up to the full amount of your down payment can be reimbursed back to you.* It's that simple. 

With your down payment protected, you can enjoy homeownership on your own terms - with great rates and greater flexibility to take on life's adventures.

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This is home buying the way you deserve, the way it should be.

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Get the home you want, with great financing and protection for your down payment. Even if you have to sell at a loss in a down market, up to the full amount of your down payment can be protected and reimbursed back to you.* It's that simple.

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Your hard-earned down payment savings is controlled by you. Not by the fluctuating housing markets, nor other unforeseen global factors. Your money and the investment put into your home remains in your own hands.

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This is the better, smarter way to buy a home, giving modern homebuyers like you the same type of financial protection lenders have had for years. 

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Move for a better job, or to accommodate a growing family. Relocate to care for loved ones. Upgrade - or downsize - instead of staying put forever. All without having to time the market or worry about losing your down payment.

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If you buy a home now with down payment protection and home prices keep rising, you can start accumulating immediate equity. If prices drop, you've made sure your down payment asset is covered. Win-win for you.

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First Heritage Mortgage is the only lender in the Mid-Atlantic that can offer this solution as part of your mortgage. And by the way, we do not get paid on this. Mortgage +Plus is all about empowering you, the customer.

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